Mod Podge

I love opening my mail box and finding the Pottery Barn catalog waiting for me.  It’s like getting a free decorating magazine.  Anytime I get a new one, I look through it until the cover starts to fall off.  I rarely order out of it, because I’m more of a cheap, copy cat type, when it comes to decorating, but I study the heck out of the thing!

I fell in love with this Halloween display.  Way too much work for me for Halloween, but how fabulous is this?!!

My husband is a weekend “Picker”.  He loves nothing more than going looking for good junk to re-sell. I often throw a kink in his re-sell plans, when he comes home with things that I automatically have the perfect place for.  He see’s that look on my face and automatically knows he won’t be making any money off that item.  This past weekend, he brought home two super cool treasures.  One he knew when he bought it, that it wouldn’t be leaving our house, the other he was surprised I was in love with.

Take a look.

Excuse the bad photo quality. He had carried them in and set them in our back hallway, and I didn't bother to move them for better light.

Aren’t they lovely little gems.  I collect globes, and this one if my new favorite.  It was made in the 50′s and has the little atlas that goes along with it.

Honestly, there is a chance this chest might not be a keeper.  I’m still pondering on where it would work in the house.  I just love the look of it!

Wouldn’t it look neat next to the Christmas tree with gifts either piled on top and around it OR with the lid open and gifts spilling out of it?

I looked back through my old blog posts the other day and noticed that I have posted one billion zillion photos of my cats, but very few of my children.  Now, anyone that has raised a houseful of children probably wouldn’t blame me for this.  I mean look how sweet they are…

Cute factor aside, they don’t talk back…”cooking” for them involves pouring food in a bowl…they don’t knock on the door every ten seconds when I’m trying to get ten minutes of peace…they don’t interrupt me while I’m on the phone…they have no need for expensive clothing or the newest style of shoes…the teenage years just means more naps…plus factor in no money for college, these little guys are pretty awesome.  However, I PROMISE I really do love my children more than my pets.  I might not always like them more, but I definitely love them more ;), so I made a point of taking a picture of my two, that are still in the house with us, this week. It was hard to catch them in a moment when they weren’t bickering, but I managed to persevere and carry out my goal.  A board game was the miracle that brought peace to our house for almost a whole hour.

I think she might actually be looking at her sister with a smile on her face!

And one last photo from two years ago, but one of my favorites.  My husband and I went on a double date with my oldest son and his girlfriend to see the Color Purple musical, and his girlfriend took this picture of us before going in to be seated.  This is Michael.  We adopted him when he was ten years old, and he certainly put us through some…well let’s just say “interesting” times during his early teenage years, but he has been such an extraordinary blessing to us.  He and I have such an amazing bond, and I just think he’s pretty darn cool…most of the time ;) Man, I love that kid!  I wish more people would consider adopting older children,but that’s another post for another day…

We do have one more son, but he HATES to have his picture taken, so I’m having a really hard time finding one that’s not him with a frown or his head turned.  He doesn’t read my blog, so he won’t even know there’s not a photo of him, plus I’m sure he wouldn’t care either way.  He has more “important” things on his mind than his mom these days.  I’m hoping this alien that has inhabited his body will decide to go back to his home planet soon, so I can have my sweet little boy back.   In the meantime, I guess no good pictures to share on my blog.

Okay, I’ve showed pictures of my human babies.  Now I can go back to being the crazy cat lady again! :)

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